Funeral Services

Funeral services are an important part of the grieving process, and emotionally draining for family and friends saying goodbye to a loved one.

At White Dove, our dedicated staff provide support and comfort to the bereaved. We do everything we can to ease the pain and decision-making involved during such an incredibly difficult time.

Initially, we’ll help you navigate the often bewildering arrangements and documentation required after a death and before a funeral.

Often, the main decision centres around the kind of service you would like.

Would you prefer a religious or secular service? Or would a private family service at home or at your loved one’s favourite outdoor location be more suitable?

White Dove caters for all kinds of services, and religious and cultural needs.

We can advise on the best sermons, readings and prayers. If you are not religious or spiritual, our experienced celebrants will design services tailored for your personal needs.

Go here to find out more about our Burial Services and Cremation Services.

You can also learn about the benefits of Pre-Arranged and Pre-Paid Funerals.

We also provide a white dove release service courtesy of our friends at Doves of Love Victoria. For more information please check out the information page.

Alternatively, contact our friendly staff, who’ll be able to answer any questions you may have.

White Dove Funeral Care can be contacted 24 hours a day on 1800 067 782.

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White Dove Release

Doves of Love Victoria offer a selection of packages to commemorate your day. Packages range from a simple hand release of one bird, signifying love and unity, or a symbolic group release of 20 birds or more.

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Prepaid and Pre-Arranged Funerals

We all plan ahead for important events; from holidays to birthdays and weddings to christenings. But most people are reluctant to think about the one event none of us can put off – our own passing.

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Burial Service

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a burial service for a dearly departed loved one. Decisions are required on the type of coffin or casket, whether to have both church and graveside ceremonies, and even the inscription on the gravestone.

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Cremation Services

Not sure whether to opt for a cremation or burial? White Dove’s experienced staff can discuss the benefits of both, and help you make the right choice.

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Funeral Costs Melbourne

At White Dove Funerals we only price you for what you essentially require, nothing more or less. We know funeral costs are an important factor to consider hence we are quite transparent in our dealings with our clients.

Coffins for sale

The cost of cremation depends on various factors like the area, the kind of cremation service you select, the cost of chest or alternative container, cost of cremation urn, etc. Please call us and we can quote your for cremation costs.

Cremation Costs

We have a wide range of coffins for sale in Melbourne. Losing a loved one is an unforeseen incidence that brings with it the pain that is hard to get over. We comprehend the encumbrance that you or your family can go through during these rough times, and your wish to deliver the perfect memorial that your loved one ought to have. Hence contact us if you are looking for coffins for sale.

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